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As of 3/24/20:  All public Masses and all other liturgical and devotional services through Easter Monday, April 13, in the Diocese of Grand Rapids have been canceled.
The Parish Office is closed to the public through April 13.
Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19.

Our annual Catholic Services Appeal has begun.  Through the CSA, we all work together to care for the Church by sharing the gifts God has granted us.  Sacred Heart’s assessment from the Diocese is $34, 931 (any amount raised above this stays in our parish).  Please prayerfully consider sharing your gifts and return your pledge card as soon as possible via mail to Sacred Heart, 150 E. Summit Ave., Muskegon 49444, or drop it in the secured mail box on the right of the outside office door.  We are striving for 100% participation, so even though you may be unable to give, please fill out and return your card anyway.  Thank you.

If your circumstances allow, please mail your contribution envelopes to Sacred Heart, 150 E. Summit Ave., Muskegon 49444; or drop them in our secured mail box just to the right of the outside office door.  Thank you!

EASTER MEMORIAL ALTAR–the booklet will be published so please mail in your requests ($2.00 per name) to Sacred Heart, 150 E. Summit Ave., Muskegon 49444, through April 13.  Checks are to be made payable to Sacred Heart.  You may also call your requests in to the office, 231 733-2440; 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.,  Monday-Friday, and follow through with mailing your check.

              Sacred Heart is 100 years old September 2019!
Everyone interested in being a part of this planning process is welcome!  Even if you cannot attend the meetings, call the office and let us know you want to help.  Meetings will be held throughout our Centennial year on the last Monday of month at 6:00 p.m. in the Gathering Room.

Fr. Charles Dautremont’s story…Sacred Heart’s eighth Pastor
Fr. Lou Anderson’s story…Sacred Heart’s seventh Pastor
Bishop Robert J. Rose’s story…Sacred Heart’s sixth Pastor
Fr. Henry J. Dondzila’s story…Sacred Heart’s fifth Pastor
Monsignor James Jendrasiak’s story…Sacred Heart fourth Pastor

Monsignor Albert A. Kehren’s story…Sacred Heart’s third Pastor
Fr. Joseph Francis Bocek’s story…Sacred Heart’s second Pastor.Monsignor John J. Sonefeld’s story…Sacred Heart’s first Administrator and Pastor.

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